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Discover our regions hidden gems – the riversides, the unseen bays, the natural bush, the scenic mountain tops, and everything else you can see and do here.

Explore New Zealand’s best holiday spots at the touch of a button.

Planning a holiday in Taupo, Rotorua, Whakatane, Waitomo or the Ruapehu district? Start your adventure with the Ultimate Guide NZ app. We have done the hard work for you and made planning your holiday easy. Everything you can see, do, shop, taste and experience is all in one place – right here in the Ultimate Guide NZ app.


Search near you, by region or by category, get all the information you need from the businesses directory and contact them directly to enquire or book. The listings tell you when they’re open, where they are on a map, what TripAdvisor says, their website, any special deals, how to ring and email them, it even connects you to their social media pages.

Plan your day

Build your own day-by-day itinerary. Choose activities, accommodation, dining and plan them for specific times so you’re organised.

Filter by activities

Just looking specifically for a walk or a lookout? Let the app know and it will only show you what you want. Indulge, play, look out, shop, taste, deals, events, stay, walk, bike, or swim, there’s loads of content to choose from!

Choose your region

The Ultimate Guide app allows you to search for things to do in Taupo, Rotorua, Whakatane, Waitomo and the Ruapehu district. Great for discovering further afield, for that weekend getaway, it’s all still right there in your pocket.

Show free activities

Tight on budget? There’s loads of scenic sightseeing, walks, biking trails and other free activities you can enjoy without putting a hole in your pocket. The app also lets you filter only free activities making it easier to find them.

Can’t Decide?

Let the app guide you!

Personalise the app by setting your preferences and the app will give you results based on what you like and guide you through the various categories. Make decisions based on the weather, based on ‘right now’ or based on the specific days you’re staying in the region.

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